Roanoke County schools considers bringing failing students back to the classroom

Plan also brings 4th graders back to the classroom full time

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – The Roanoke County School Board is working to expand student time in the classroom.

On Tuesday night, the board moved to bring fourth-grade students back to the classroom full time. Under the previous plan, they were either hybrid or fully online.

They’re also considering bringing older students who are failing courses back to the classroom for more in-person instruction.

Board chair Don Butzer said it’s about making sure that everyone has a chance at success.

“We’re trying to bring as many kids back in but still following the strict protocol, all of the social distancing, and that’s one area on the instruction side where we’re not deviating one bit from Dr. Morrow’s plan,” Butzer said.

The details will be finalized at the board’s next meeting and then rolled out from there.

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