Campbell County woman has catalytic converter stolen off her RV

Latest victim in string of car-part thefts

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – Thieves are on the hunt for a particular car part and one woman in Campbell County hopes you’re not their next victim.

Jeanette Davis said someone stole the catalytic converter off her RV while it was sitting overnight Thursday in a repair shop parking lot in Forest.

Investigators said what happened to Davis is part of a string of recent thefts in the area, where converters are cut from underneath vehicles.

The precious metals inside the casing are valuable and often sold as scrap.

“I want people to know that these scrap metal places, that are giving these thieves money for these parts; I think it’s going to continue happening,” Davis said.

Law enforcement in Lynchburg, Danville and Amherst County have all issued warnings about these kinds of thefts within the last few months.

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