President Joe Biden inspires Americans who speak with stutter

More than three million Americans speak with a stutter

ROANOKE, Va. – Following his inaugural speech, President Joe Biden is being recognized for spreading awareness about stuttering.

Biden had struggled with a stutter from a young age but has mostly overcome it. More than three million people in the United States speak with a stutter.

Researchers at the Hollins Communication Research Institute (HCRI) have been studying and helping people with stutters for almost 50 years, and they want people to know there are resources out there to help.

“What Biden did is very good and quite remarkable, but very inefficient and very slow. It took him, roughly the first 20 years of his life to get to where he had kind of a serviceable fluency, and then he improved it after that, but there was an awful lot of self-discovery and patience,” HCRI President Dr. Ronald Webster said.

For more information on the HCRI, you can visit its website here.

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