Local advertising agency calls Budweiser’s move to pull Super Bowls ‘authentic’

The iconic beer company says its putting its advertising dollars into vaccine awareness and access

For the first time in decades, Budweiser and other major brands are sitting on the sidelines of Super Bowl advertising.

Budweiser along with Coke, Pepsi, and others are passing on the astronomically priced 30-second spots for their top brands and investing that money elsewhere.

The iconic beer company said it’s putting its advertising dollars into vaccine awareness and access.

While other brands have taken a substantial hit during the pandemic and simply aren’t forking out the millions.

A local advertising executive said one factor may be companies are now reaching their audiences on multiple platforms.

“I think they’re being authentic, and I also think they’re very wise to know that advertising alcohol right now during this Super Bowl with everything going on in our country may not be the message they want to strike, so why not strike a different tone and still get the brand equity that you already own,” said Access President and CEO Tony Pearman.

Pearman does believe advertisers will be back next after the dust of 2020 settles and they know the best tone to strike.

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