Days after weekend winter storm, thousands are still left in darkness

A dangerous incident in Pittsylvania County sent a Danville Utilities lineman to the hospital

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – Henry County emergency crews are still responding to storm-related incidents days after the weekend winter storm.

While crews have already responded to 264 storm-related incidents in Henry County, a dangerous incident in Pittsylvania County sent a Danville Utilities lineman to the hospital.

With only 20% of propane gas left, Carter Wilson and her parents are hitting day 3 of freezing in their Axton home.

For 10 minutes the power turned back on Sunday, but a dead tree on the line burst into flames and blew out their lights once again.

“All we saw was a big flame go up and it went back out,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s uncle is now staying in a hotel after a power surge caused a fire that destroyed his home.

“Most of the kitchen caught on fire and their porch,” Wilson said. “But they are trying to salvage everything they can.”

It’s dangerous conditions like these that not only affect residents but also put workers in danger.

While some residents are worried about when their power will finally turn back on, others have to worry about major property damage.

A large tree collapsed on the roof of a Martinsville home days ago and the homeowner hopes it can be removed before the next storm arrives.

It’s a concern that Brenda Poole is worried about too as a dead tree intertwines with the power lines near her home.

“Over the years it’s been a concern but nobody has come to get it down,” Poole said.

But with most trees already on the ground, Henry County Department of Public Safety Director Matt Tatum hopes the next storm won’t be as impactful.

“Historically we find that the second event happening this close together would be less significant,” Tatum said.

Nonetheless, Tatum advises people to grab enough food, water and medications to last for 72 hours before the next storm hits.

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