Smith Mountain Lake couple has power restored after 100 hours, but prepares for next potential outage

They used lake water, flashlights and coolers to survive

Power begins to come back for families
Power begins to come back for families

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – A bit of good news in all the recent power outages: some parts of our area have power once again.

One couple we spoke with near Smith Mountain Lake had the lights turned back on around 2 p.m. Wednesday, after about 100 hours.

“We’re lucky we have a lake so we can get water to use, and we have gas logs. That was about it, and we had battery-operated lights and flashlights,” said Vincent Ostermeier, a Dixie Acres resident.

He said they also used coolers to keep food fresh, had their batteries charging and got the ice ready for another potential outage.

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