No criminal charges to be filed after claim that officers assaulted Lynchburg inmate

Investigation was in connection with the treatment of Carroll Williams

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Corrections officers in Lynchburg will not face any criminal charges in connection with their interactions with an inmate last month.

Bethany Harrison, the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Lynchburg, announced Monday that there was not enough evidence to bring charges against the officers that a family claimed abused one of its family members.

In February, Carroll Williams’ mother claimed that her son was assaulted at the city’s adult detention center.

Harrison, in a 7-page report, stated that because Williams, 26, was actively resisting when several officers were trying to take him for processing, their actions did not constitute excessive force.

Here’s what happened on Feb. 12, 2021, according to Harrison:

  • After the judge ruled that Williams would be held without bond, he started to cry before several officers tried to help him to a jail cell. One officer noticed that he smelled of alcohol.
  • Williams didn’t respond to the officers asking him to walk to intake so they tried to pick him up by his arms.
  • As the officers approached the door to intake, Williams kicked up his legs and put his foot on the door frame leading to intake.
  • One of the officers slapped his legs down and walked him into holding cell 11, a cell designed for drunk individuals.
  • Williams stood up while the officers had his back against the cell wall and held his arms. They then asked him to take off his shoes as part of the normal procedure so they could remove his shackles.
  • Williams refused to take off his shoes after the officers asked him 12 times.
  • While the officers tried to remove his shoes, he continued to resist.

After reviewing footage of the incident and speaking with Williams, Harrison found that his account of the events that night changed over time and that his account of the events was inconsistent with what is seen on the BWC footage.

One instance of his changing story, according to Harrison, is that he initially admitted to drinking 5-6 shots of Crown Royal that night, but later said he only had one drink.

Harrison said that the investigation is closed unless further evidence comes forward.

Below you can read the entire report:

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