Henry County leaders ask for community help with increasing litter

The county is considering launching an educational campaign

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – Henry County leaders are sounding the alarm about a trashy problem.

Several members of the Board of Supervisors raised concerns at their meeting this week about increasing litter.

They want to see stricter enforcement, but Henry County Administrator Tim Hall told 10 News it’s difficult to enforce.

He said people need to take more pride in their community.

“We have to be cognizant of the fact that it looks bad and while we’re trying to recruit companies, we’re bringing people in to show them what a great community this is, and it is, we don’t need to be driving around with piles of trash in the median because it does not help us state our case,” Hall said.

Hall said they’re considering launching an educational campaign to shine a light on the problem and hopefully change behavior.

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