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Former Danville teller arrested on federal embezzlement charges after two years on the run

He’s accused of embezzling $617,000

A gavel in a courtroom.
A gavel in a courtroom. (Pexels)

A former teller who is facing federal charges of embezzling more than $600,000 has been arrested after two years on the run, according to the Dept. of Justice.

Authorities in Durham County, North Carolina arrested Jorge Navarro, a former teller at URW Community Federal Credit Union in Danville, after he was on the run for two years, according to the Dept. of Justice. Authorities said Navarro has been charged on federal charges of embezzling $617,000.

Navarro was charged in a sealed indictment in October 2019 with one count of embezzlement and one count of passing counterfeit money to URW Credit Union, according to authorities.

Court documents reveal that while Navarro was the head teller at a branch of URW Community Credit Union between July 2017 and Sept. 2018, he allegedly embezzled from the credit union and replaced the money he stole with counterfeit bills.

Authorities said after he embezzled money from the credit union, he ran and was a fugitive until his arrest on March 31 in North Carolina.

According to court documents filed in the Middle District of North Carolina, officers responded to reports of gunshots in Durham. When they arrived, they reportedly found Navarro covered in blood and running away from the scene. Authorities said he was using a fake name.

Police searched an apartment being used by Navarro and said they found cocaine, several guns and several forms of false identification, which led to Navarro’s arrest.

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