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Researchers at Virginia Tech experimenting with rare flowering wild onion

Ramps are known for their garlic and onion flavor

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Get ready to potentially add a new plant to your everyday cooking recipes.

On Wednesday, researchers at Virginia Tech experimented with a plant to make that possible.

Ramps are a rare flowering wild onion known for their garlic and onion flavor.

Experts at Virginia Tech are working to increase the availability and make them easier to grow right in your backyard.

“If we, CNA, get landowners to be growing this plant and other native plants that are used for food or medicine, we can reduce the pressures on natural populations and make much more sustainable sourcing of the plant itself,” said James Chamberlein, a research scientist with USDA Forest Service.

This could promote the commercial production of ramps not only in the Appalachian region but also in other areas.