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Roanoke community mourns following two shootings involving teens

‘Parents, we can’t blame the police when it’s our children killing our children’

There's a call for action in Roanoke after two shootings happened within 24 hours.
There's a call for action in Roanoke after two shootings happened within 24 hours.

ROANOKE, VA. – There’s a call for action in Roanoke following two separate shootings all involving teenagers.

One of them is dead, another two were taken to the hospital. They both occurred Monday.

Bishop JL Jackson is a local pastor and is one of the many people saying something needs to change.

“It’s heartbreaking, I wish to God we would never have to experience this in our city, it’s heartbreaking when it’s an older individual, when it’s an adult, when it’s a grandparent. It’s even more heartbreaking when it’s a child who hasn’t even had a chance to live yet,” Jackson said.

He shared a Facebook post telling the community it can’t blame police when it’s their children killing other children.

Jackson is a trusted figure in the community and said it’s going to take a lot of work to reverse this course.

“It’s not going just be all on the parents, it’s not all just on the churches, it’s not all on the schools, it’s not all on the police, it’s not all on the court and penal system, it is on all of us to come together to find resolutions and solutions to find better ways for our children to grow up and live safe,” Jackson said.

Police continue to search for suspects in the Monday evening shooting, while a 15-year old has been charged with second-degree murder for the afternoon shooting.

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