Republicans set to nominate candidate for Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor from field of six

Here’s a breakdown of who’s vying for a seat to serve the Commonwealth

RICHMOND, Va. – We’re just days away from learning who the GOP will pick as its candidate for Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor as the nominating convention is happening on May 8.

A field of six Republicans will be narrowed down to one on Saturday.

Turning the tide in the Commonwealth’s leadership is among the issues they agree on.

“If you can’t win as a Republican in tough blue times, then you can’t win this year, but I’ve never lost to the Democrats and we’re not going to start now,” said candidate Glenn Davis.

“This train is going too far to the left and the Democratic train is coming right at our families and our businesses and I just don’t want to slow the train down, I want to stop that train and send it back to where it’s come from,” said candidate Tim Hugo.

Delegate Glenn Davis Jr. and Tim Hugo (WSLS 10)

Davis and Hugo are leading the pack in endorsements and fundraising.

Davis is the only candidate who currently holds office, serving as a delegate in the General Assembly.

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