Don’t wait! Flower shortage expected ahead of Mother’s Day, wedding season

Flowers By Eddie, TFS Roanoke talk how they are getting through busy season with less flowers

Don't wait! Vendors expect flower shortage ahead of Mother's Day
Don't wait! Vendors expect flower shortage ahead of Mother's Day

ROANOKE, Va. – Mother’s Day is just days away and if you wait last minute, you may be scrambling to find a bouquet due to a flower shortage.

This is one of the busiest times of year for the floral industry, but shops like Flowers by Eddie in Roanoke are juggling more than just orders.

“We have weddings now where brides are wanting certain flowers, the brides are wanting certain colors. Here, I can’t guarantee any of that. The reason is I can put your order in, and an email comes right back to me and it’ll say we don’t have this variety available,” said owner Eddie Davis.

He and his team aren’t letting the inconvenience put a damper on Mother’s Day.

“We’re bringing in a lot of plants, a lot of silk arrangements, a lot of gift cards, now balloons and candy plush to get us through,” Davis said.

Flowers By Eddie isn’t the only one getting dealt the short end of the stem.

TFS Roanoke distributes floral items to Southwest and Northern Virginia and some parts of North Carolina.

General manager Kelly Dooley said in 2020 during the shutdowns around the world, farms in South America cut back production 50%-60%. The industry was able to keep up because of the lack of demand when weddings and proms were canceled. Now, in 2021 the demand is back up.

“More product is being used, more events have opened up, weddings started back, also they’ve (farms) had foul weather with a lot of cold rain and it’s inhibited product, they also have growing cycles and some product won’t be back for two years,” said Dooley. “This has put a little bit of a crush on the quantity of product that is available for the holiday so if we’re seeing it in our local market, you have to think about it all over the world, it’s not just Roanoke Virginia, it’s just not the state of Virginia, it’s the nation, it’s the United States and it’s countries across the world that are opening up and using the product again.”

She believes it can meet 98% of orders for the week of Mother’s Day and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Hopefully by June/July we’re hoping to see things get more normal, whatever normal is going to be. I think that everybody in every industry is looking for its new normal,” said Dooley.

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