Mother reunited with family after being deported for 3 years

Alejandra Martinez has temporary status; Family lawyer fighting alongside state leaders to stay stateside

ORLANDO, Fla. – A touching reunion took place at Orlando’s airport of a mother and her two daughters after more than three years of being separated.

Alejandra Juarez was a part of the thousands deported as the previous Trump administration tightened immigration policies, but since the Biden administration and with help from local leaders Juarez is home for Mother’s Day.

“This is what healing looks like. This is what this president is doing for our country,” Juarez said.

Andrea Martinez is the family’s lawyer and said her firm filed for a humanitarian parole, which has granted Juarez temporary residential status.

“It gives her one year to come to the United States to be with her family,” Martinez said. “In that period of time, we are relying on Congress to give her the ability to remain permanently, but right now her status is not permanent.”

Martinez said she has faith Congress will pull though for the Juarez family, saying some bills are already pending, but recognizes that it will be a long year to fight so Juarez can stay home permanently.

“This is a military family. This is a family where her husband honorably served our country, sacrificed for our country and they want to live peacefully,” Martinez said. “Alejandra has no criminal record, and she just wants to be with her family.”

Martinez said only Congress can help Juarez stay for good, but Martinez said the Juarez family’s story echoes millions of others in this country of families in need of real solutions, as she said her firm will continue to fight for the rights of all.

“These are not political pawns. Immigrants are humans, and this is a story of human beings and families that belong together,” Martinez said.

Martinez’s firm will be fighting alongside leaders, like Congressman Darren Soto, to keep her with her family.

News 6 expects to hear more on how both intend on keeping the Juarez family united later next week.

About the Author:

Brian Didlake joined the News 6 team as a reporter in March 2021.