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Sen. Tim Kaine proposes bill to manage police use of tear gas

Kaine wants this included in the ongoing discussions about police reform

WASHINGTON – Sen. Tim Kaine has introduced legislation to limit police use of tear gas.

Kaine referenced images from summer 2020 when law enforcement deployed tear gas on protestors and says the issue needs to be better regulated.

His proposal would require law enforcement agencies to create guidelines on the use of tear gas. During a video conference Thursday, he said he is calling on Congress to act on this domestically as they do the use of chemical agents internationally.

“We exercise very little oversight in the use of tear gas in domestic law enforcement. I’ve noticed a trend with the use of tear gas in a more broader lens. The use of tear gas on those who are assembling peacefully,” stated Kaine. “Tear gas has its uses to deescalate violence, but when used against peaceful populations tear gas has significant health effects.”

The longtime Democrat says he wants this included in the ongoing discussions about police reform.

Also as part of that call, he addressed the cyberattack this week that crippled the gas industry along the east coast.

“As we’re working on the defense bill right now, I think you’re going to see significant provisions to the defense bill shoring up cyber protection not just within the government and pentagon, but also designating key industries and sectors as critical in making sure the cyber protection are there,” said Kaine.

As we’ve reported, Colonial Pipeline production has restarted, but residual effects could last for days.

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