Virginia Tech expert breaks down latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Expert predicts ‘more intense diplomatic efforts’ to halt violence

Virginia Tech expert on Middle East violence
Virginia Tech expert on Middle East violence

BLACKSBURG, Va. – A local expert is breaking down the conflict happening in the Middle East right now.

Joel Peters is a professor of government and international affairs at Virginia Tech.

He said that the violence that’s broken out between Israel and Hamas, a Palestinian militant group in Gaza, is just the latest in a long history of conflict.

The United Nations Security Council met Sunday to discuss the violence.

However, Peters said that even after this conflict ends, more fighting will likely happen if international diplomatic action is not taken.

“I think we will see more intense diplomatic efforts to sort of bring the hostilities to a close. The question comes is: What comes next?” said Peters.

He also said it’s unlikely the United States will get too involved since the country has been withdrawing from the Middle East and is focused on recovering from COVID-19.

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