Danville approves $280 million budget for fiscal year 2022

No tax or rate increases, citizens to pay less for utility bills

City Council approves Danville's budget
City Council approves Danville's budget

DANVILLE, Va. – On Tuesday night, Danville’s City Council unanimously approved the proposed fiscal year 2022 budget with no tax or rate increases for citizens.

Instead, Danville residents should expect to get money back on their utility bills. They will save about $10 a month on electricity and gas. The city was able to purchase utilities for less money and is passing on that savings to its customers.

Other priorities in the $280 million budget include building a track at George Washington High School, constructing the future Riverfront Park, and continuing to develop downtown Danville.

“We feel like we’ve done a lot in the past few years to make Danville an attractive place for people to live and work and all that. But we want to, you know, step up that game a little bit,” said Danville City Manager Ken Larking. “There are a lot of opportunities for us to do that. People are seeing Danville as a great choice and we want to continue that momentum going forward.”

Danville’s deal with Caesar’s to build a casino also helped out the city’s finances.

The city got $15 million upfront, plus $5 million to buy the old Schoolfield property.

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