Roanoke City Council takes feedback on proposed budget

The budget increased by more than $9 million despite the pandemic

Breaking down Roanoke City's proposed budget
Breaking down Roanoke City's proposed budget

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke City Council took feedback on its proposed budget for the upcoming year Monday night. It includes an increase of about $10 million and while there are no new taxes, several fees will go up.

About a half dozen people gave their opinions in a virtual public hearing. Half wanted more money to plant and support trees in the city, the other half were concerned about funding to the city’s police department.

The overall budget is about $307 million, an increase of $9.5 million.

There are no new taxes, but fees will be going up. The largest increase is the storm water utility fee, which is going from $5.40 a month to $9.60 a month over the next five years.

The city will spend more than $87 million on city schools, a $3 million increase over the year prior. Nearly $72 million will be spent on community safety, an increase of about $200,000 over the year prior. And it will spend $40.5 million on human services, a slight decrease over the previous year.

The city expects to take in $5 million in additional property taxes this budget and another additional $3 million from other taxes, among other smaller increases.

Council will review Monday’s feedback and make any final changes. Budget approval is set for June 21.

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