Bower Art Center brings light to Southwest Virginia artists’ work

Local artists both showcase their art and teach classes

People drawn to Bedford County due to the art scene
People drawn to Bedford County due to the art scene

BEDFORD, Va. – One of the major things that draw people to Bedford is the community’s art scene.

The Bower Art Center aims to be a gathering place for people across the region to come look at local work from artists all across Southwest Virginia.

The center is named for Dr. John Bower whose family has a long time history in this town.

The original building was created in the 1800s and transformed into an art center almost 20 years ago.

Local artists have the chance to feature their art as well as teach classes.

Executive Director Susan Martin says the center is honored to play such a big role in educating the community about all things arts and culture.

“We just want it to be a community gathering place where folks can feel comfortable to come in, learn new things, visit and experience the art that’s available here on our walls. And, you know, and just enjoy themselves,” says Martin.

The center also just started its summer camp for the first time in almost two years because of the pandemic.

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