‘You are not alone’: ‘A Walk in Their Shoes’ raises awareness for domestic violence

Names of women, men and children of the Roanoke Valley (and beyond) who lost their lives as a result of senseless violence will be read

ROANOKE, Va. – October is domestic violence awareness month and on Friday, Oct. 8, Roanoke will hold its 14th annual ‘A Walk In Their Shoes’ event. This year, because of the weather, it will take place at Straight Street Roanoke Valley on Luck Ave. SW from 12-2 p.m.

Those who participate in the walk are showing a commitment to not be silent witnesses to violence that is happening in our community and to the people we love. A mile walk will take place where people can hold signs with the names of victims who lost their life to domestic violence. On the signs, there will also be a pair of shoes to represent a life that was cut short. Each name will be read aloud and this is a way to celebrate that person and make sure that they are never forgotten.

“Looking at those loved ones that are celebrating their person. That person that might not be here anymore but they are still celebrating them because they were important,” said Captain Jamie Clay, a Salivation Army Corps Officer.

At the event, you can learn about different agencies or nonprofits that work specifically with those who are impacted by domestic violence. The Turning Point in Roanoke is one of the only secure and restricted centers for survivors. They provide free and confidential temporary emergency shelter for those who need help. They provide a safe and caring environment, where independence is encouraged. If you need help, you can call their free, confidential 24-hour hotline at 540-345-0400.

Below are other resources that are available:

National Domestic Violence Hotline number: 1-800-799-7233

Sexual Assault Response and Awareness Hotline number: 540-981-9352

Total Action for Progress (TAP): 540-777-4673

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