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Martinsville barber gives out free haircuts to boost homeless community’s confidence in Roanoke

‘If you have it in you to give... then give every time. It’s going to come back ten times over.’

A barber offered free haircuts for the homeless in Roanoke to have them feeling their best.

ROANOKE, Va. – A random act of kindness from a barber has a dozen people walking out feeling brand new.

Charged up and ready to go, Jamar Titus grabs the clippers to offer free haircuts for people in need at the Rescue Mission.

For the past three years, Titus has taken the drive 16 times from Martinsville to Roanoke just to give people a fresh new look.

“I ain’t rich,” he said. “I ain’t got the flashiest cars but these clippers right here. I put so many smiles on people’s faces just by cutting their hair.”

Putting smiles on faces like Aaron Bryant, a man who found himself homeless just three weeks ago.

“You get a new haircut,” Bryant said. “You feel like a new man. You know.”

Bryant is struggling to find a job as he battles with a leg injury after an infection.

The hardships keep him up at night but this act of kindness helps give him the boost he needs to face another day.

“Living homeless you know,” Bryant said. “You need that boost of confidence to get through each day. You need a boost of confidence and God to keep it moving.”

Closing his eyes for a quick shave, Lorenzo Banks said he simply feels gratitude.

“The guys that’s giving the haircuts is giving back to the community,” Banks said. “That’s a blessing because not everyone gives back.”

Titus is still working on his dream of moving his basement hobby into a real barbershop, but until then, he will continue to use his talent to help the community.

“If you have it in you to give,” Titus said. “Then give every time. It’s going to come back ten times over.”

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