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Tips to keep in mind before turning the heat on this winter

Start simple by making sure all windows are completely closed and sealed

Start simple by making sure all windows are completely closed and sealed

Colder days are quickly approaching and you will want to turn the heat on in your home to stay comfortable. However, comfort can come with a cost. Andrew Woodruff from Community Housing Partners said there are simple things you can do to make the price of your electric bill go down.

Woodruff said to start simple by making sure all windows are completely closed and sealed. If you have a window air conditioner, Woodruff recommended making a permanent installation for the unit or taking it out completely and closing the window.

You also want to make sure your furnace or your heating pump are ready for the winter season. That means changing out your filters and making sure they are clean.

Woodruff said you want to make sure you don’t section off your home into separate rooms. Leave the system on, so that the air can circulate.

“A lot of people are used to space heaters where that does make a lot of sense. ‘I just want to heat this one specific space.’ But rather with a forced-air system you want to make sure that that air is freely circulating throughout so you are not causing any pressure build-up or any comfort problem,” said Woodruff.

Another recommendation is if you have any ceiling lights that connect to the attic, you want to make sure they are properly sealed off. Each light usually has about a six-inch space where cold air can get through.

The most common mistake people make that costs them the most is changing the thermostat settings without fully understanding what they do. If you have a heat pump, they have a bit of an auxiliary heat that comes on to supplement the heat pump. When you get down below freezing, you see that auxiliary heat light come one, but don’t panic, that is completely normal. The problem occurs when you switch to emergency heat.

“Emergency is a true emergency. Like you look outside and a tree has fallen on your unit. That is an emergency, you need to use the strip heat only. Because if you use emergency heat only, you are only using electric resistant which is very expensive,” said Woodruff.

Woodruff lastly recommended only changing your thermostat by one or two degrees at a time. This will save you money on your bill.

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Brittany Wier joined the 10 News team as the morning reporter in August 2021.