Here’s how you can get the best deals the next time you shop local

Millions of people are doing some serious shopping on Black Friday.

SALEM, Va. – Millions of people did some serious shopping on Black Friday.

Though you can score some pretty big deals online, local businesses hope you will shop small.

Online shopping may be quick, but relying purely on images may not be the best way to shop.

Robin Ferguson owns The Knittin’ Coop, a yarn shop in downtown Salem, and said it’s best for customers to touch and feel products up close before they charge their card.

“Knitters and crocheters, it’s tactile,” she said. “They have got to feel the merchandise and that brings in sales.”

To encourage local spending, Ferguson is offering a special deal.

If you shop in downtown Salem on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday and show your receipt, Ferguson will give you a secret gift.

With all the hustle and bustle of collecting deals, the Knittin Coop created a lounge area so people can take a load off before opening their wallets once again.

“It brings people together,” she said. “We’ve been separated through the pandemic so being able to come in and sit down and carry on conversations face to face is coming back and it’s a plus.”

Building connections is Savannah Oaks’ forte as avid readers pile up in her bookstore, Wonderous Books and More, this holiday weekend.

“I have a bunch of people come in and ask can you recommend a certain book,” Oaks said. “What’s selling? My friend likes this kind of genre.”

Oaks said to find the best deals in local shops visit small businesses’ social media pages and check city commerce directories.

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