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Lynchburg man finishes Richmond Marathon after injuring his ankle during training

‘I felt like I owed it to them,’ he said of the group who helped him when he was down

We first introduced you to Adam Bonney back in September when a group of women carried him several miles down a hiking trail after injuring his ankle on a run.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Running a marathon is no easy feat, especially when it’s done on a bum ankle.

That was the case for a Lynchburg man, but it didn’t slow his stride. It was back in September when a group of Good Samaritans found Adam Bonney hurt on a running trail.

The strangers, mostly all women, carried him several miles back to his car. They’d go on to help motivate him until the time came for the Richmond Marathon.

Women help Lynchburg man after running accident

Bonney says he was worried about missing crucial training time, but he couldn’t let his new friends down.

“They were motivating me and giving me some advice to help me finish my training,” he says. “I felt like I owed it to them to finish my training, so they didn’t carry my heavy, sweaty butt all that way for no reason.”

When Bonney crossed the finish line in Richmond, he told his wife he never wanted to run a mile again. He says when they got home later that night, he found himself looking up dates for the next marathon.

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Kortney joined the 10 News team as a Lynchburg Bureau Reporter in May 2021.