Danville police officer discovers two new furry friends while off-duty

Two guinea pigs were left on a highway bypass before being rescued

Two guinea pigs were left on a highway bypass before being rescued. (Danville Area Humane Society)

DANVILLE, Va. – Corporal Dave Austin of the Danville Police Department is always on-duty when it comes to saving critters, big and small.

And on Thursday, Austin did just that.

Corporal David Austin, Danville PD, is off-duty today and was driving on the bypass near the shelter when he saw...

Posted by Danville Area Humane Society on Thursday, February 10, 2022

The corporal was driving on a bypass when he spotted an overturned box in the median.

Upon further inspection, Austin saw something moving next to the box.

Low and behold, it was two guinea pigs - one brown and one white.

Austin quickly rescued the guinea pigs and took them to the Danville Area Humane Society to be cared for.

“We will probably never know why they were in a box on the highway, but we are grateful for Cpl. Austin.” said a statement on Facebook from the humane society.

The white guinea pig has a few injuries, but both are otherwise safe.

They will be up for adoption in six days.