Tasty Tuesday: Burger in the Square serves up delicious burgers with a side of home

Burgers, barbeque, milkshakes, chicken ... oh my!

ROANOKE, Va. – Burger in the Square is the place to be for a great bite this Tasty Tuesday.

Louis Wilson has co-owned Burger in the Square with his wife since 1999.

Wilson grew up on a beef farm, which inspired his love for burgers.

“My mother had even said at one point that I had eaten as many burgers at age 25 as she did at age 50,” said Wilson. “I said I’m not the one that bought a beef farm.”

One of the restaurant’s signature burgers is The Dreamer, which has mayo, provolone, bacon, lettuce and tomato all piled high on a Kaiser bun.

Burgers aren’t the only reason to stop by Burger in the Square, as the restaurant also features several specialty milkshakes on its menu.

Wilson says that bringing people together is his favorite part of the job and that occasionally he will give out a free dessert or milkshake for couples to share.

“There’s no greater come-together than getting people together for a meal,” said Wilson. “It is like a little church - just that good warm feeling that you leave with.”

Those looking to feast on some burgers and milkshakes this weekend can visit Burger in the Square at 3904 Brambleton Ave. in Roanoke.

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