Docs for Morgan basketball fundraiser returns in-person

The annual basketball game pits medical students against Carilion Clinic residents, physicians

ROANOKE, Va. – Medical students left their classrooms to go up against Carilion Clinic residents and physicians for the annual ‘Docs for Morgan’ basketball fundraiser.

It’s the first time the game is back in person since 2020. The game and score, in the end, don’t matter to the people involved – what matters is remembering the life of Morgan Harrington.

Harrington was a student at Virginia Tech who was abducted and murdered after attending a concert in Charlottesville. Every year, her parents carry on her legacy by holding a fundraiser that benefits people seeking education.

Harrington’s father, Dan, was the former Vice Dean of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. He says it’s nice to see the students and in some ways, their teachers get out of their normal routines.

“This is a nice way every year of doing something that’s really fun. Lots of people enjoy coming out to see the students, residents, and fellows, and the doctors love playing. It’s kind of a gift to us in some ways,” Dan said.

Throughout the game, donations go towards Morgan Dana Harrington Memorial Scholarship Fund at the school. Through the years, the game and other fundraising efforts have helped generate more than $500,000 to benefit students.

Roger Luong is a first-year medical student. He said he’s lucky just to take part in the event.

“It’s a big tragedy of course but it’s also an opportunity to really remember her for a really really long time and I’m really honored to be a part of this legacy,” Luong said.

Morgan’s mom, Gil, loves how much the event brings the community together.

“This is an important event to broadcast a message of safety as well as to give our extended community a chance to interact with their physicians and healers in a different way,” Gil said.

It’s the gift that not only gives Morgan’s parents a way of remembering their daughter but also gives to the next generation of doctors.

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