Roanoke home experts offer tips for Spring maintenance

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ROANOKE, Va. – Spring is a little over a month away, and these home experts in Roanoke want to ensure you’re ready.

Staff with Southern Trust say you can do a few things for home Spring maintenance.

One thing is to schedule a spring tune-up for your air conditioning system, have the plumbing system inspected, and schedule a home electrical inspection.

Experts recommend taking a proactive approach to ensure your home is Spring ready.

“Being proactive with the sump pumps, the gutters, the leader pipes, making sure the ac system is tuned up before it needs to be running, make sure it’s running efficiently,” Ted Puzio, with Southern Trust, said. “Make sure it’s cleaned there’s not debris against it.”

Puzio also recommends having the ductwork professionally cleaned if your home is more than ten years old

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