New program brings experience, local beef to Pulaski County school cafeterias

DUBLIN, Va. – Students at one school in the New River Valley are getting hands-on experience while, at the same, getting a nutritious meal.

Students eat a regular lunch, but on certain days of the week, Pulaski County Public School students munch on a healthier meal.

“The school meat isn’t, it’s ok, however, the fresh beef Is better and more healthy,” said Sarah Shewsbury, a student.

Shrewsbury is one of 20 students in the Farm to School Program.

It’s a program where local beef farms supply meat to schools in the county and students in Future Farmers of America help deliver the beef from the farm to the school.

“Honestly, it feels so good being a part of something much bigger than me, " Halee Scott said.

Ethelen Sadler, the director of School Nutrition for Pulaski County Schools, said they started the program this year with federal funding.

While Sadler said the program is a healthy option for students, it also helps local farmers.

“We want to put some of these USDA dollars back into our local economy,” Sadler said.

Darrin Cullip is with Mountain View Farms, one provider, supplying the meat for students; he’s pleased the program is successful.

The program also helps students get hands-on experience.

Agricultural students in Future Farmers of America who are also in the program learn how beef gets from the farm to the school table.

“I hope they appreciate the food they eat, know how much farmers and agriculturalist work, to keep everything going smoothly,” said Tori Alley, Agricultural Teacher.

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