Oak Grove Elementary FAACTS students plant veggies in garden

ROANOKE, Va. – One local elementary school teacher is taking the saying, “Learn by doing,” to the next level.

Rosie Biggio is a functional academic accessibility career and transition skills (FAACTS) teacher.

She and her students planted snap peas during the first week of school that are now transplanting and growing in their community garden.

Her projects aim to teach students life skills and in this case, how to grow their own plants and prepare them to eat.

“We’ve been working together to cultivate the garden and take care of the vegetables,” Biggio said. “We’ve harvested the vegetables together and all of the kids have been able to see the process from seed to vegetable and then take them home to their families.”

Biggio hopes that through this experience her students will continue to love learning, explore nature, and stay curious.

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