Two strangers awarded Red Cross Good Samaritan Award after saving Bedford County man's life

By Lindsey Ward - Anchor

BEDFORD COUNTY (WSLS 10) - The 2017 Red Cross Good Samaritan Hero Award goes to two brothers from out of town, working at Smith Mountain Lake, who jumped to save a life.

In August 2016, Joe Goff almost lost his life in a truck accident in Bedford County when another driver crossed the center line and hit his work truck.

Despite wearing a seat belt, Joe was thrown to the passenger side, suffering multiple broken bones and fractures.

Tracy Martin and his brother, Chuck, were in the car directly behind Joe, witnessed the accident and jumped to help.

"It was like, I hope that fellow there is okay, because I mean it opened the side of the truck like it was a sardine can," Tracy explained. "When I seen everything I seen, I said, 'I don't see how anybody could live through that.' The good Lord above was sitting right there beside ole Joe."

"They stayed with me the whole time, talking to me until the ambulance got there. They were just two random guys behind me that day that decided to stop and help me, thank goodness," Joe said.

At the Celebration of Heroes breakfast March 28, Joe will get to meet his heroes for the first time since the accident.

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