Martinsville photographer heading to Donald Trump's inauguration

MARTINSVILLE (WSLS 10) -- Martinsville photographer Ray Reynolds, owner of RAYzor's Edge Photography, describes the last year and a half capturing Donald Trump's campaign events as a "roller coaster ride."

He traveled more than 30,000 miles, covered 46 events and snapped more than 50,000 photographs.

"On January 20, I will be at the end of my bucket list and it will be completed," Reynolds smiled.

January 20 is when Reynolds will shoot his next event, President-elect Trump's inauguration.

Until then, he's reliving the history he witnessed through his lens at the invitation of the Trump campaign.

"We talked about documenting history and how we were so lucky and blessed to be a part of it."

Reynolds recalled the people he saw at the event.

"Until you actually live it, you don't realize how wild it is, the celebrities that you see," continued Reynolds.

Reynolds, who said he may have been the only freelance photographer to follow Trump through the campaign, also recalled the number of media in attendance.

"I was amazed at 700 media people were on three stages in that small room."

Trump's victory party was personal for Reynolds as well. He never got into politics before this election year, but threw his support behind Trump after losing his mother and sister because he says, they were denied medical treatments under President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.

"It means everything to me because Donald J. Trump is president now. And that's what my goal was," Reynolds said.

A victory for Reynolds who says nothing compares to this ride he's enjoying.

"I've had three hole-in-ones playing golf and this doesn't touch it. Just following Mr. Trump is an honor. I feel like the most blessed person in America I feel like the luckiest person in America."

Reynolds is currently putting together a series of coffee table books with his images.

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