Milwaukee bus driver finds lost kids, helps them get home

By James A. Riley - Digital Content Producer

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver is being praised for her quick thinking that helped two lost children return to their family.

The MCTS says Jeannie Mitchell was driving her usual Route 35 trip one Wednesday last month when she noticed two young children walking alone on the sidewalk near the intersection of Hopkins St. and Hampton Ave. on the city's north side.

Mitchell immediately stopped her bus, and can be heard asking the children "Sweetie, where y'all going? Who are you with?" in security video provided by MCTS. After discovering the kids didn't know where they were going, she called police to the scene, who were eventually able to reunite the children with their mother.

"I knew something was wrong, they pointed in every direction, that was a cue that they were lost," Mitchell said. "Once the police showed up and did their part I felt a lot better, felt a whole lot better."

The one-year-old boy and five-year-old girl had walked away from their babysitter, and were apparently trying to go to a relative's house but got lost, according to MCTS.

Mitchell says she knows all too well how scary it can be to have a child go missing. Nearly 25 years ago, her then five-year-old son was missing for nearly 12 hours before a stranger helped bring him home.

"She says she is happy she was able to help another mom avoid going through that same thing," a release from MCTS reads.

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