94-year-old World War II veteran becomes barista at family coffee shop

He says he has no plans for retirement anytime soon

By Alayna Jones - Producer
FreeImages.com/Scott Snyder

Caffeine: This coveted ingredient in coffee and soda pop is a chemical stimulant. So while it temporarily makes us feel alert, when the buzz wears off, we feel even more tired.

BURLINGTON, N.C. - Bob "Sarge" Sargent, a 94-year-old veteran, is wearing a different kind of uniform these days. He is the newest barista at a North Carolina coffee shop.

The disabled U.S. Navy veteran says his life mission isn't complete yet.

His granddaughter and grandson started the coffee shop less than a year ago.

Sargent doesn't allow his family to pay him for his latte skills. He's there for the free coffee and a chance to meet people.

He doesn't have any plans for retirement soon. He says he wakes up, puts his feet on the ground, and they just want to go.