Amazon's Alexa could detect if you're having a heart attack

New research from University of Washington

By Alayna Jones - Producer
Amazon/Shutterstock via CNN

For Amazon, getting Alexa's new security-guard feature to work meant literally breaking a lot of windows.

SEATTLE, Wa. - Researchers at the University of Washington are developing a new machine that can detect if someone is having a heart attack. 

It's called an agonal breathing.The machine listens for signs of cardiac arrest up to 20 feet away. Researchers say it has a 97% accuracy rate.

Devices such as the Amazon Alexa or Google Home could potentially use the app to listen for the dangerous warning signs. 

Before it calls 911, it issues a warning if you want to cancel it. 

Researchers built this with privacy in mind. No data is sent to the internet or third party devices. It is all done locally on the device

There are no details about when the technology will be available to the public.