Class for dogs teaches good brewery behavior

FORT COLLINS, Co. - Dog owners know it's almost always more fun to go out when they can bring their best friends along.

New situations can test even the best-trained dogs -- which is why one Colorado business is helping its four-legged customers get a dress rehearsal.

These dogs are learning all of the typical good dog traits -- sit, stay, calm and ... don't spill my beer?

This may look like your typical dog training class where they learn to be on their best behavior and socialize with other dogs, but we are actually here at New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins where the dogs in this particular training class are learning how to behave inside of a brewery.

"My co-workers love to go to breweries, they all bring their dogs to breweries, and I kinda wanted to be like 'hey we should have well-behaved dogs at breweries,'" said Jessica Taylor, dog owner. 

Balancing a drink and walking a dog at the same time is a learning process for the dogs and some of the owners.

"Going up to the bar, being able to have the dog calm and relaxed, not jumping on the bar knocking over beer, not engaging in a wrestling match with the dog or person behind the owner," said Amber Quann, trainer. 

Quann got the idea after teaching a class for brewery owners on safe practices hosting dogs in their businesses.

The class is 4 weeks and tuition is $125.

"It helps to get dog owners reengaged in advanced training with their dog in a more exciting way than just a advanced manners -- sit down, stay, calm," said Quann. 

Quann says having the dogs inside of a real-life environment is more engaging, and owners are seeing results in all kinds of social environments.

"We actually had an experience today when we were walking through that somebody asked if they could say hi to her and she did exactly what we've been doing in class," said Taylor. 

Since some cities have cracked down on dogs in breweries, amber hopes teaching them good manners will keep the fun flowing.

"Especially when you look at recent legislation changes in Denver where dogs are now not allowed in breweries at all," said Quann. "I think fort collins really wants to hold on to their dogs and breweries being together."

Dogs who complete the training get a special certificate showing they have been trained as brewery-friendly.

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