Florida city blasts 'Baby Shark' in park to keep people from hanging out late at night

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Music, to no one's ears.

Played on repeat in a place no one would expect -- a city park.

That's the hit Youtube kids song "Raining Tacos."

Playing over the loudspeaker at lake pavilion in West Palm Beach on a loop, alternating with the equally annoying "Baby Shark." All night.

The assistant city manager says they actually play music throughout the day, but they've also been leaving it on after hours to keep people from hanging out there late at night.

They say homeless people aren't being specifically targeted here, but one homeless man says he doesn't believe them.

"It's mind control to get rid of the homeless and I speak now, as a homeless person. Where are we going to go?"

Officials say they're playing the music from 11 at night until seven in the morning but that it's temporary and will stop once hours for the pavilion are posted.

So far, the music hasn't stopped people from sleeping around the pavilion.

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