Florida woman facing charges after stuffing dog in trunk

She reportedly tried turning it in to an animal shelter

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A Florida woman is facing animal abuse charges after locking a dog inside the trunk of her car.

WARNING: You may find the video of her doing that difficult to watch.

Police arrested Sara Perry Thursday after cameras outside an animal shelter caught her abusing the dog.

Workers say she came in to surrender it.

When they told her the shelter was full, she allegedly asked if they would euthanize the pet.

The facility's director says Perry became angry when she was told the shelter does not put down animals simply because they are unwanted.

She is then seen on camera yanking the dog and slamming it into her trunk.

A quick-thinking shelter employee took a picture of her license plate and then called 911.

Investigators reviewed the video and discovered Perry also took the dog out of the trunk when she arrived at the shelter.

Animal services recovered the animal -- which is being treated at a county pet care center.

Police say the dog is emaciated and in poor health.

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