Health fanatic or signs of orthorexia? How to tell

Many of us head into a new year with goals to clean up our diet, but it's possible to have a good effort spiral into a problem. 

Orthorexia is a relatively new concept experts are researching. It involves obsessive behaviors or "food rules" about what is healthy and what is not. 

Dr. Kasey Goodpaster says cutting back on too many food groups can lead to nutritional deficiencies, and in some cases, orthorexia can mirror symptoms of anorexia, such as bone loss, anemia, and slow heart rate.

Compared to other eating disorders, which are done more in secrecy, Goodpaster says that with orthorexia, people have the tendency to share information about what they're eating on social media. 

Warning signs include cutting out entire food groups, inflexible eating patterns, and anxiety being around certain foods. Click here to read about more red flags. 

Experts with backgrounds in eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders can help. 


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