Man builds replica of his favorite college football stadium in his backyard

BLANCHARD, Ok. - College football fans can get passionate about their team.

But one Oklahoma man took things to a new level by building a scaled version of o-u's football field in his backyard.

This former pasture in Blanchard is now a 1/10th scale copy of the most famous football field in the state.

"We have dubbed this giddy field, and we are painting it as a football field to look as though it's a miniature version of the university of Oklahoma's football field," said Owen Pickard, who built the replica. 

Pickard says it has taken months to get the field ready for opening night.

It took just as long to get clearance from his wife to build the field in the first place.

"I had to beg, I had to really beg to be able to do something ridiculous like this," said Pickard. 

"It took me a little bit to say ok yes... the budget changed a few different times," said Pickard's wife, Kelcie. 

It was hours of sweat, earth-moving and mowing for Pickard -- but for him, the field is all about family.

"The numbers were hand-drawn on a stencil by my grandfather 81-year-old Bob Pickard," said Pickard. 

Numerous nieces and nephews already use the field for fun. He tossed around the idea of naming it Owen Field but he thought that would have been a little self-absorbed, and he didn't want to mess with copyright laws.

So, the little guy with the matching jersey gets the honors. He hopes this field kicks-off a shared love of the sport with his son.

"It's a dream," said Pickard. "It would be a great hope that he would take his first steps on Giddy Field."

While this field was named after his son -- the reverse appears to be how Pickard got his first name.

His mom jokes he was named Owen after O.U.'s field.

So, seems like this creation was decades in the making for the family.

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