Mississippi 12-year-old scores 27 on the ACT, and she's aiming for a higher score

National average 20.8

JACKSON, Miss. - The ACT is a standardized test used by many American colleges. 

It's a tough test that covers four academic areas. 

The highest you can score is 36 and the national average score is 20.8 

So when a 6th grader in Mississippi took the ACT and got a 27, lots of people were blown away. 

"I plan on taking it again. i want to aim higher," said Kristen Rhodes, the 12-year-old tha scored a 27 on the ACT. 

After scoring 27 on her ACT, as a 6th grader, Rhodes says this is just the beginning.

Last year Rhodes' teacher encouraged her to test her smarts on the college test after seeing how strong she was in class.

"Having her in the classroom actually helped my students," said Melany Sanders, Rhodes' teacher. "It was a competitive classroom, and she made them better."

Rhodes says she's been reading books since she was 2-years-old -- and since then she's had a love for studying.

"I'm pretty sure some of them actually study, but usually like I'll write my notes," said Rhodes. "After I write them, then I'm just good. I don't really have to go over them again."

Something many of us can't do.

Rhodes says her classmates knew she would do well and her mother thought it was "awesome."

But she explains there were a good amount of questions she didn't know.

"Like at 5 minutes, and you still have ones you haven't gotten to," said Rhodes. "I suggest that you go and you mark some answers ... it's better to have a 20 percent chance than no chance."

And for those looking to take the test and succeed in school, Rhodes has some advice.

"Your best is your best. If you wanted to do the best like Albert Einstein did, then that wouldn't be your best, that would be his best,"said Rhodes. "Your best is different than anyone else's best."

When it's time for high school graduation, Rhodes plans to attend MIT to work with computers, coding and programming.

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