Officials force open private GoFundMe border wall gate

The International Boundary and Water Commission took control of a gate in a wall constructed by "we build the wall."

The private organization raised over 20 million dollars in a GoFundMe campaign.

The wall was intended to begin president trump's border wall and they recently built along the Mexican border without proper permits to build on federal land.

According to the federal agency, the gate blocked an important levee road that federal agents need access, so they removed the organization's locks and replaced them with their own.

We Build the Wall founder Brian Kolfage took to social media saying their actions were a federal overreach and his lawyers are getting involved.

The wall is positioned in a way that may cause immigrants to channel into the American dam area, causing safety and security concerns.

The commission says that when they receive proper permit documentation they will process "we build the wall's" application as normal.

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