Wisconsin bus driver rescues child

Baby was found in onesie, diaper wondering the streets

By NBC News

MILWAUKEE, WI - A bus driver in Wisconsin was honored for saving a less than one-year-old child she found walking alone and barefoot on an overpass in Milwaukee in freezing temperatures.

Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver Irena Ivic was shocked by what she witnessed around 8 a.m. on December 22nd.

She spotted a baby walking alone on a freeway overpass, barefoot and wearing only a onesie and a diaper in the freezing temperatures.

Ivic stopped her bus and darted across the busy street to pick up the child, who was crying.

She carried the baby to safety inside her bus.

A passenger gave her coat to help keep the baby warm as Ivic called for help.

Authorities soon arrived at the scene and assisted the baby, who was unharmed.

"I was so nervous. I find a child and upset and if I have the same situation again, I will of course again help," said Ivic.

"The baby was so scared and cried and he didn't know what to do, where to go and when I saw him, I pulled over my bus and immediately go to pick up him and come back on the bus. But, I was so upset and I forgot to take off my jacket and one good woman from the back, my passenger, did that and thank you, even if she can't hear me, I want to tell her thank you so much again."

Police say the child's mother had left the child outside.

The child was eventually reunited with its father.