Political Analyst Ed Lynch talks impacts of new Clinton email investigation

By Rob Manch - Reporter

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Hillary Clinton's campaign responded to the FBI's announcement Friday, saying it wants more details, but speaking with Political Analyst Ed Lynch, he says regardless what those emails contain,  a re-opened investigation is not good news.

"For the FBI to reopen any investigation is unusual. It means that compelling, not just new evidence, but compelling new evidence has come to their attention, and to reopen a case like this, with this much visibility, less than two weeks before the election, means that the FBI thinks it's serious enough that it can't wait," said Lynch.

Now, reports say the FBI found the new emails in question while investigating another politician, former Congressman Anthony Weiner, for sexting a 15-year-old girl.

Lynch says that connection just adds fuel to the fire.

"Politically it makes it look that much worse, it makes it look sleazy, it adds a sex angle to it that it didn't have before. None of this is good news for Clinton," said Lynch.

But when you talk to people planning to vote for Clinton, like Roanoke resident Pamela Smith, they say the news doesn't change their view.

"I don't think Hillary is the most honest person in the world, but compared to who she's up against, she's the most qualified," said Smith.

But Lynch says it may not be Democrats like Smith that the Clinton campaign has to worry about losing.

"Her campaign was already losing momentum to Donald Trump. Donald Trump is picking up steam with Independents, Republicans are coming home, that was already happening. This is certainly not going to reverse that trend, and it means we've got a race again," said Lynch.

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