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November Madness: Here’s what readers think will happen with the 2020 Election

Predict the 2020 Election
Predict the 2020 Election

We asked you to predict the 2020 Election and 351 people responded with their best guesses in what we’re calling, “November Madness.” It’s meant for fun, but also to gauge expectations around this week’s national votes. President Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden is, of course, the main race, but Congress and even democracy itself may be up for grabs. Here’s who you think will win and when we’ll know it.

Miss out on the first round of guesses? No problem. Complete the form at the end and we’ll report back on predictions after we know the actual outcome. Is someone out there a political pundit in the making? We’ll callout the predictors who had their fingers on the pulse of a tumultuous electoral season.

Reminder: This was for fun and to collect predictions. It’s no endorsement, and certainly no credible result, so take the charts for the game it’s meant to be. Onto your predictions ...

NOVEMBER MADNESS: Predict the2020 Election

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NOVEMBER MADNESS: Predictions for the U.S. House and Senate