Races at the Speedway help non profits

MARTINSVILLE (WSLS10) Thousands of fans flocked to the Martinsville Speedway for the Goody's Fast Relief 500 Race.

"To just cookout and have a good time," Christopher Nixon, a race fan said.

Organizers said over the years this race has pumped millions of dollars into the local economy and supported area non-profits.

A study conducted by the Washington Economics Group revealed the races overall inject $170,000,000 into the local economy.

It also revealed, nearly 3,000 jobs resulted from the operations of the track.

Volunteers from Community Storehouse that was founded in 2001 to help feed & clothe impoverished families in Martinsville and Henry County said the races help them financially.

"It's been pretty busy, it's been good," Don Bliss a volunteer with the non profit said.

They said over the entire weekend, volunteers say they make about $3,000 to $4,000 which helps offset the cost of running the building.

"It feels great, because all the donations here are for a worthy cause for Community Storehouse and it helps pays the bills here, which is a good thing," Bliss said.  

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