Roanoke police officer drives man to emergency room, named hero

By Lindsey Ward - Anchor

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - The 2016 Red Cross heroes includes Roanoke Officer Jason Vance.

He's named this year's Red Cross Law Enforcement Hero.

He says he simply loves to help people and that's what he did early one morning.

He was sitting at a light on Apperson Drive and the driver in the car next to him flagged him down saying he couldn't breathe.

At that point Officer Vance says he could almost see Lewis Gale, so drove he the man the short distance to the emergency room

"I wasn't just going to let him sit there in a car potential he pass away because of this," Vance explained. "I feel like I was in a position to help someone not so much as a hero."

Lewis Gale emergency room staff revived the victim and he walked out of the hospital days later thanks in part to Officer Vance's quick actions.

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