Suspects identified in missing Fairfax County teen's death

NBC 4 - LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - A northern Virginia teen arrested in Lynchburg earlier this week is now facing charges in connection to the gang-related killing of a 15-year-old girl.

Fairfax County Police say 18-year-old Jose Castillo Rivas is one of ten suspects, four adults and six juveniles, charged with abduction and gang participation in connection to the murder of Damaris Reyes.

Investigators believe Reyes went missing in December, being held against her will, assaulted and murdered in early January.

Her body was found over the weekend. Officers say not everyone is directly involved with the murder but they are all affiliated with one gang.

One of the teens charged is a 17-year-old who returned home after she disappeared for a month.

Lieutenant Brian Gaydos with Fairfax County Police says, "Somehow, someway the people are connected through acquaintances, through knowledge of the crime or through other investigatory info detectives have uncovered through speaking with a whole plethora of people."

Police believe the disappearance of a third teen and her five-month-old was a domestic issue.

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