Two Liberty football players suspended for violating sexual harassment policy

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Two Liberty University football players have been suspended for violating the Student Honor Code and the university's Policy on Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Assault.

The suspensions of Cameron Jackson and Kyle Carrington are the result of an investigation and hearing held on Sept. 8, 2016.

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Kyle Carrington and Cameron Jackson (left to right) Credit: Liberty University athletics


The investigation is in relation to a sexual assault reported on July 13, 2016 that happened in August 2015.

In a press release, Liberty University explained that it convened its Threat Assessment Team, notified and cooperated with the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney and the Lynchburg Police Department pursuant to Virginia law and university policy, and conducted a Title IX investigation and Conduct Review Committee hearing concerning the reported allegations.

As a result of the investigation and the hearing held on Thursday, Jackson and Carrington as well as one former student, Avery James, were found responsible for violating the Student Honor Code and Liberty University's Policy on Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Assault.

As part of the process, each of these students has a right to appeal the Conduct Review Committee's decision.

In light of the appeal process not being complete and an ongoing investigation by the Lynchburg Police Department, the university said it will not provide further details about the matter at this time.  

The following statement is a response from the family of Cameron Jackson to a press release issued earlier this week by Liberty University:

"Earlier this week, Liberty University issued a press release regarding false allegations of sexual assault that have been levied against Cameron Jackson and several of his teammates.  Cam has tremendous faith in the justice system.  He had hoped to allow this process to play itself out the right way.   Unfortunately, the University has abused that trust and corrupted this process by publicizing the preliminary findings of an ad hoc Conduct Review Committee made up of LU students and faculty members.  The Committee's findings were based on an investigation that Cam did not participate in, and they are currently under appeal.  The University's announcement was premature, irresponsible, and wrong.  The damage cannot be undone.

Let this point be absolutely clear: Cameron Jackson denies these allegations in the strongest possible terms.  He is confident that, once the matter has been thoroughly and properly investigated to completion, he will be cleared of any wrong-doing.  In the meantime, he will not sit quietly in a corner as his name and reputation are slandered.  It's a shame it had to come to this."


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