Variable speed limit in place on I-77 on Fancy Gap Mountain

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Credit: VDOT

CARROLL COUNTY (WSLS 10) - The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is now using new signs on Interstate 77 in Carroll County, between mile markers 0 and 15 that allow the speed limit on Fancy Gap Mountain to be lowered below 65 mph when weather conditions reduce visibility.

The new variable speed limit is a part of an Active Traffic Safety Management System (ATSMS) that includes a network of traffic cameras, weather/visibility detection stations and 76 signs of various types to alert drivers to slow down when visibility is reduced.

VDOT operates the variable speed limit signs out of its traffic operations center in Salem and will lower the speed limit when visibility falls to 650 feet or less. Drivers should be aware there may be times when fog is present and advisories will be issued without a reduction in speed.

The lower the visibility then the lower the speed limit will be reduced to allow drivers more stopping distance. Based on the conditions, motorists may see speed limits between 65 mph and 30 mph.

In February 2014, the Commonwealth Transportation Board awarded a $7.5 million contract to G4S Technology, Inc. from Springfield, to design and build the ATSMS.

Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved